About MissRise

MissRise is a creative company, driven by Henriette Rise.  

Henriette Rise

  • Currently resides in: Aalborg, Denmark
  • Born 1983

Henriette Rise : Multi Artist with focus areas in performance Art, and Theatre Directing. Including education and innovative multimedia art.

Direct Contact: Rise@Vaerk9000.dk


Henriette Rise is Avant-gardistic in her way of thinking, militaristic in her approach and OCD like in her execution. Henriette Rise is humbly described as a stringent performance artist that is driven by a passion for art as well as the development of individual artists. Henriette is always seeking depth and extravagance in the whole of the universe.
Henriette Rise in the past many years has moved broadly within the stage artistic area. For many years she has excelled as an actress, teacher and director, all the while insisting that there is place for the underground as well as the high culture. In her pursuit to further her artistic self she has worked in many areas, including but not limited to:• Master classes

  • Historical city walk tours in Aalborg, Denmark
  • Directing
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Teambuilding
  • Youth theatre
  • Street theatre
  • Children’s theatre
  • Performance shows
  • Photoristic designs
  • And much more

Being a self-taught artist has largely been an advantage, allowing her the freedom to remain in constant development while continuing to seek new solutions and approaches. With this path it is certain that as an artist Henriette Rise is far from finished and will continue to grow.

Henriette is a natural multi-media artist. She functions best when she has time and room to develop ideas to reality while surrounded by creative forces. Henriette is the one to call when you need things put into perspective. She thrives in areas that others might consider edgy or risky. When formulating an idea Henriette thinks outside the box but with millimeter-like precision.

Details are an obsession for Henriette and it is easy to see why she is considered an aesthetician in all that she creates.

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