2013: Wrote and Directed Trapped.

About the script:

TRAPPED “Chained to Reality and left to die. Fighting against the box of Normality. A show about sexual frustration, feminism and Artistic dehydration. All told through 5 of the greatest artists in history. “ART NEEDS AN OPERATION” Tristan Tzara 1919.”

The characters of TRAPPED are loosely based on the following artists: Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar (who where involved intimately and artistically for 9 years.) Raoul Hausmann and Hannah Höch (who where also involved intimately and artistically.) and Claude Cahun who was a transgender, best known for her self-portrait photographs, and poetry.

Read the first scene of Trapped. All rights reserved Henriette Rise.


2009: The Clown who made the world silence

2009: Alice i landet uden eventyr



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