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Review of “Trapped”, by “Theatre Reviews Limited”(Link)
David Roberts
July 2013
“What is important in “Trapped” is playwright Henrietta Rise’s unyielding attempt to enable the audience to face its own entrapment in culture’s prisons. Rise’s surreal text, characters, and staging allow the audience to delve into its individual and collective unconscious to ferret out long buried images of freedom of expression and freedom of spirit.”

– Ny. David Robert, Theatre Reviews Limited

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Review of “Trapped”, by “Eye on Dance and the Arts”
Jennifer Thompson
July 2013
“The drama Trapped, is an aggressive, raw, in-your-face, interpretation of life written and directed by Henriette Rise. The one-liner for the work simply reads, “Chained to reality and left to die.” Trapped makes you think; it makes you uncomfortable; it makes you aware. Nothing about it is pretty, everything about it is relevant.”

– NY. Jennifer Thompson, Eye on Dance and the Arts

For full review please visit “Eye on Dance and the Arts” HERE


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